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We have received a number of inquiries about the impact of the Company assigning Digital Technicians (DT's) to separate organizational units and the arbitration decision establishing that “a DT is a DT.” The short answer is that Article 7 will limit the impact of the arbitration decision.
The arbitration case arose when the Company declared a surplus in the DT title and grouped DT’s working in SS&IM and DLC together in some exchanges and not in others. We argued successfully before Arbitrator Jack Clarke (B3-2002-038) that DT’s in both SS&IM and DLC performed Essentially the Same Type Work (ESTW) under what is now 7.01A.5 throughout the District because they performed similar
functions and received similar training.
The impact of the Clarke decision is to still require the Company to combine DT’s in different groups in a surplus exchange, thus enlarging the pool and allowing seniority to have greater affect. However, this decision does not change the language in 7.01A.5 that restricts the declaration of surplus to the same organizational unit, and does not change the language in 7.01C.4 that restricts bumping rights to the same organizational unit.

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